What is the purpose of The Regesh Network?

The Regesh Network is an anonymous helpline for youth, teenagers, and adults to receive help with problems that arise.

How do I register?

To register, call 1-833-R4R-BIKE and press 1 or have a parent go to ride4regesh.com to register for you.

Where should a check be made out to?

Make checks payable to The Regesh Network.

Where can I drop off cash and checks to update my account?

Cash and checks can be dropped off at various drop off boxes located in Lakewood, Jackson, and Toms River. The specific addresses are: Lakewood: 713 Lakeview Drive, 114 14th St, 9 Walker Drive, 521 Marc Drive, Jackson: 9 Hemlock Court, 6 Galassi Court, Toms River: 614 Brower Ave. Please make sure to fill out the complete prize form to ensure your account is updated.

Can I bring money to the event? Yes, you can bring money to the event! But to make things go faster, it’s a good idea to count your money and fill out your prize form before you come.

When is the deadline to raise money?

The deadline to raise money is July 2nd, which is also the day of the event.


You need to raise a minimum of $100. 


No, you can join as an individual.

Is there a max number of boys allowed on a team?

Yes. A team can only have up to 25 boys. 


A team that raises over $3000 will be invited to join the R4R Midwinter SkyZone event after the summer. Details of the exact time and date will be announced on November 1st at 7:00 PM.


A captain whose team raises $3000 will be honored at the event with a trophy.

What does the winning team get?

The team that raises the most money will win an awesome poolside BBQ party – complete with tasty food and drinks! Plus, the winning team will get to ride first at the event, which is super cool! And that’s not all! Every member of the winning team will be recognized for their hard work with a special trophy.

How does someone put money in my account without going online?

Call 1-833-R4R-BIKE and press 0 to add money to your account over the phone.

When is the Bikeathon Event?

The Bikeathon Event is on Sunday, July 2nd, from 5:45 PM to approximately 8 PM.

Where is the Bikeathon Event? 

The Bikeathon Event is at 2 Stadium Way in Lakewood, NJ, in the BlueClaws Stadium Parking lot.

The event will kick off with an exploding start line, and then we will ride through the surrounding streets escorted by police on motorcycles. Police will be present blocking off all the roads necessary. 

Can I win free money towards my account?

Yes, you can call the hotline at 1-833-R4R-BIKE and press 3 to find out how you could win double the money in your account.

How do I redeem my prize?

To redeem your prize, fill out and submit your prize form by dropping it off at one of our droboxes around town (See prize form for exact locations). The deadline to submit the form is July 2nd. Once received, your prize will be available for pickup at The Cheder, located at 725 Vasser Ave, on July 23rd between 3:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Can I choose my prize online?

Sure! If all the money you raised is in your account online (and don’t have any cash or checks) you can have a parent select your prize choice on your page online.

Can I mail my prize form instead of dropping it off?

You can mail the prize form to the Regesh Network, 9 Hemlock Court, Jackson, NJ 08527. Please do not mail cash, checks only. Make checks payable to The Regesh Network.

How do I check how much money is in my account?

Call the hotline and press 0 to inquire about your account balance.

How do I get into the raffle for the 2 min shopping spree at Toys4U?

Collect a minimum of $100 and be automatically entered into the raffle. The drawing will take place live at the event.